Over the last few weeks, I’ve been surprised by the amount of people who play with illegal clubs. Cracked grips or grips so old, that the thumb has worn away the actual sides. And splits in the grip all lead to a position that can get you disqualified in a competition.

Grips need to be cared for

The grip should be cared for by washing regularly with soapy water and a scrubbing brush, keeping the grip clean and for one of a better word, moist. Grips that dry out usually loose their tackiness and become slippery in the hands, so causing the player to grip tighter on the club.

[do not leave your clubs in a damp environment or next to the radiator]

If you play allot, say, every day. Then you should change your grips every year. Keeping your clubs up to a standard is vital for consistency, but I have noticed in recent years. That players would rather buy a new set, than to keep their existing clubs up to date.

For more information about the grip read this lot

The Grip

The grip consists of material added to the shaft to enable the player to obtain a firm hold. The grip must be fixed to the shaft, must be straight and plain in form, must extend to the end of the shaft and must not be moulded for any part of the hands. If no material is added, that portion of the shaft designed to be held by the player must be considered the grip.

(i) For clubs other than putters the grip must be circular in cross-section, except that a continuous, straight, slightly raised rib may be incorporated along the full length of the grip, and a slightly indented spiral is permitted on a wrapped grip or a replica of one.

(ii) A putter grip may have a non-circular cross-section, provided the cross-section has no concavity, is symmetrical and remains generally similar throughout the length of the grip. (See Clause (v) overleaf).

(iii) The grip may be tapered but must not have any bulge or waist. Its cross-sectional dimensions measured in any direction must not exceed 1.75 inches (44.45 mm).

(iv) For clubs other than putters the axis of the grip must coincide with the axis of the shaft.

(v) A putter may have two grips provided each is circular in cross-section, the axis of each coincides with the axis of the shaft, and they are separated by at least 1.5 inches (38.1 mm).

Fig 7

For more information about the grip read this lot

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